Welcome to Tunes and Tapes, a music blog featuring the artists I love. Here are a few on repeat worthy tunes.


Novo Amor – Birthplace

The Mowgli’s – I Feel Good About This

Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me


The Mowgli’s – I Was Starting to Wonder EP

Just when I feel like I will not find anything inspiring to write about something magical like The Mowgli’s comes along and restores my hope in the gift that is music therapy. With arms outstretched, The Mowgli’s use fun lyrics, catchy melodies, and anthemic shouts to pull their listener out from the depths of despair. …


I am beginning to think that September is the magical month to find greatness. Last year I came across Irish powerhouse vocalist Dermot Kennedy and wondered if I would ever find any human as shockingly talented again. I had my doubts, but I think I just found his female counterpart. Moroccan born, Canadian raised singer/songwriter …


My favorite thing to do is listen to music.  The best time to do this, for me, is when I am driving. I love turning up the volume and allowing the sounds to completely surround me, feeling every drum beat, piano chord, and guitar strum.

The purpose of this blog is for me to share the music I love with other people . I hope some of these suggestions make your day, week, or month a little better.